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ConGen Prado Addresses Launch of Book on Filipinos in Canada

The book Seeking a Better Life Abroad: A Study of Filipinos in Canada, 1957-2007 was launched at the University of British Columbia Institute of Asian Research on 20 May. Photo shows (left to right) Prof. Rick Barichello, director of UBC Center for South East Asia Research (CSEAR), Eleanor Laquian (author), Philippine Consul General Ruth Morales Prado (guest speaker), Prod Laquian (author), Marilyn and Leonardo B. Cunanan of Dahong Pilipino, co-sponsor of the event with CSEAR. (Photo by Ron Laglagaron.)

May 27 – Philippine Consul General Ruth Morales Prado addressed the seminar-launch of Seeking a Better Life Abroad: A Study of Filipinos in Canada, 1957-2007 by Eleanor del Rio-Laquian and Aprodicio A. Laquian last May 20 at the UBC Institute of Asian Research. In her speech, ConGen Prado highlighted the services provided by the Philippine Government to Filipinos in Canada. She also announced the posting of Atty. Bernardino Julve as the new Labor Attache starting June 1 to expand services to Filipinos in the consulate general’s area of jurisdiction that includes BC, Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

In the seminar and book launch, the Laquians presented the changing patterns of Filipino migration to Canada during the last 50 years. From less than 1,000 immigrants in 1963, the number of Filipinos in Canada has increased to about 500,000 at present, making them the third largest group among recent incoming immigrants. From their research, the authors showed that the Filipinos have integrated seamlessly into Canadian society, greatly assisted by their education and technical skills as well as their facility in English. The Filipinos have contributed to Canada’s socio-economic development with their professional and technical skills and by sharing their culture with other Canadians. They have become a significant element in Canadian social life, particularly in their participation in religious activities and their observation of traditional Filipino Catholic rituals in their adopted country.

In her review of the book, Prof. Leonora Angeles of the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning and Women Studies expressed the hope that future researchers will follow up on the new research areas pointed out by the Laquians. She cited the need for studies on the dominance of females in the Filipino migration streams, the changing cultural values among young generations of Filipinos born in Canada and the policy implications of the aging of the first wave of Filipino immigrants. She also suggested further studies on the effects of the long years of separation of migrant parents and their children and families left in the Philippines as well as the migration of Filipinos to small Canadian towns and cities.

The seminar-launch was jointly sponsored by the UBC Center for South East Asia Research and Dahong Pilipino, the Filipino Canadian community and business directory. The book, published by Anvil Publishing, Inc. in Manila is available at all National Book Store branches in the Philippines for PhP950/copy or ordered online from plus shipping/handling. In Canada it may be ordered online from Anvil’s North American distributor, Philippine Cultural and Educational Services (PhilCES), for $37.95/copy plus GST, shipping and handling. Email PhilCES at or

Posted by: filcanthunderbay | May 30, 2008

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